Inventory Management

EzyAccounting Software offers Inventory Module with 3 Sub modules.

Features of Inventory Module in EzyAccounting Software Inventory Management is an important part of this accounting software. System support Lifo, Fifo and weighted average. Sale and purchase modules automatically manage stock quantities.

Product Master

The Inventory Item Master is used for the storage of detailed information about the products or services you sell. Items Numbers are unique and generated automatically as per defined rule in settings.

product master in accounting software

material rejection in accounting software in dubai

Rejection IN / OUT

Rejecting of goods that are received via material receipt, rejecting back of goods that are delivered due to damage or any other reason.

Go down & Batch

You can transfer goods from one go down to another. Keeps records of location in which products are stored. Maintain batch, MFD, EXPD etc.

godown and batch in accounting software for UAE

Manufacturing Journal in accounting software

Manufacturing Journal

Efficiently keeps records of raw materials of finished goods, cost for raw materials & its effective cost.

Physical stock

The gap between actual and expected stock can be adjusted here.

manage physical stock in Accounting software for UAE

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