Sales Module

EzyAccounting Software offers Sales Module with 8 Sub modules.

What Sales Module Offers in EzyAccounting Software Sales is an important task of every business. EzyAccounting makes your sales process very simple, transparent and time saving. This accounting software helps you to prepare all the documents of sales process like preparing quotations, Sales order and invoicing etc.

Sales Quotation

The Quotation is used for creation, editing, look through the information concerning the potential sales to client. Quotation numbers are unique and generated automatically as per your numbering policy defined in settings.

Create Quotation in accounting software

Sales Order in Accounting software for UAE

Sales Order

Prepare sales order efficiently. Sales Order Number is automatically generated. User can set the due date of order. Orders can be cancelled by user.

Delivery Note

Option to deliver goods before bill. DO number is auto generated.

prepare delivery note in accounting software

create sales invoice with vat in accounting software

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice can be prepared & managed efficiently. Sales Invoice can be done against order, delivery note directly. Changes to the stock and accounts will be done automatically..

create sales invoice with vat in accounting software

Sales Invoice Register

You can have a look at list of sales records between above choosen 2 dates. This accounting software shows you list of all sales transactions with invoice number, invoice date, customer name, invoice amount and invoice entered by user name. Upon double click on any of the record, this accounting software takes you to the entry module of that invoice which is ready to view or edit if you have permissions.

Receive Payments

Receipt Vouchers handles all cheque, cash payments. Receipt can be done against a bill or directly. Multiple receipts can be done in a single voucher.

prepare receipt voucher in this accounting software

sales return management in accounting software

Sales Return

The returning of damaged items can be done easily. Return may be against an invoice otherwise direct return is also possible.

Point of Sale

Software offers POS module. Simple & Easy to manage counter sales with flexible settings to display or hide extra information.

accounting software with point of sale

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