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Print Your Cheques, Instead of Wrinting by Hand!

FastCheque lets you to print cheques on any bank's cheque books. You can avoid spelling mistakes, writing errors and same time putting a professional impression on your suppliers. It helps you to prepare neat printed cheques in two clicks, whether it is writing cheques for rent, to your employees or printing cheques in bulk for loan installments. You may prepare an excel file with various supplier payment details and FastCheque can pick records from excel and print all in two clicks. FastCheque maintains record of all prepared cheques and offer reports with various filters which you may print or export to Excel or PDF Format.

Bank Master

Bank Master contains list of all UAE banks. Just activate the banks you are dealing with and put you real account number. Almost all UAE banks are already listed. You may add unlimited banks here.


cheque printing software bank master



Three ways of Printing Cheques

  • ⦿ Single Cheque Printing Mode
  • ⦿ Batch Cheque Printing
  • ⦿ Import from Excel & Print cheques

Single Cheque Print Mode

Preparing & Printing Cheques is like 1-2-3! Select Bank account, Enter or select party name, choose cheque date, enter amount in number, tear cheque leaf and Click Print Cheque. Software will print the cheque and saves cheque data automatically.


Print cheques one by one



Batch Cheque Printing

This feature is especially helpful when issuing post dated cheques towards a loan or installments. Input number of cheques you want, First cheque date, Date interval by Days or Months with increment value and click Prepare cheque list. Software will prepare list automatically which you may edit and click print! In 3 clicks, you can prepare bunch of cheques and save lot of time.


batch cheque printing



Excel Import & Print Chqeues

You can prepare excel file with cheque details like party names, amount and cheque dates. FastCheque can pick the details from the excel file and display the details which you may further edit. Then what, select from which bank account you want to issue cheques, put cheque leafs in printer and click Print Cheques.


Print cheques one by one



Cheque Template Designer

Software is installed with pre-loaded all UAE banks and their cheque templates. If bank changes the layout design in future, you can change the cheque design layout with easy to use Cheque Designed Tool.


cheque template designer



Cheque Reports

Software records data of all printed cheques and based on that it offers very useful reports. You may take report in between two given dates, for all cheques or for any particular bank account or for any particular party or all of them. All cheque reports can be printer or exported to various formats!


cheque printing software reports



Cheque Software Settings

You can define your preference for Font style, font size, font color etc to print cheques with normal or bold effects. You can set your preferences to print cheque with various prefix, post fix parameters. Here you can define auto case conversion of party name and amount in words. This is the best cheque printer system in the market.


cheque printing software



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