HR Software - Company Module

You can create Multiple Companies in This HR Management Software.

What Company Module Offers in EasyHR Software You may have multiple trade licenses or companies and want to organize employees under each company.

Company Module

Under company module in this HR Software, you can create unlimited companies. Here you can enter basic details like company name, contact details, MOL ID, company's bank routing code, IBAN number, trade license details with issue and expiry date to get expiry reminders.


multi company hr software in dubai uae



Tenancy Contract and Insurance Records of Company

Under this sub-module of HR System, You can list down unlimited Tenancy contracts & Insurances belong to each company. EasyHR gives reminders before any tenancy contract is going to expire or any insurance expiry date is reaching near by. You can take print out of these records as well


multi company hr software in dubai uae



Miscellaneous Contracts / Documents of Company

This sub-module allow you to save unlimited any other non-standard miscellaneous records or documents belong to your company. This way you can organize all you company documents details as well as get renewal reminders before expiry date.


company contracts in hr software in dubai uae



Attach Documents of Company

As you can attach documents with employee records in this hr system, same way you can attach unlimited documents with each company record. This module also accept all common file formats to attach and allows you to print or email directly from this software.


document management in hr software in dubai uae



Settings under Company Module

Under company settings, you can define settings and policies belong to each company. You can define your work days, rules to handle public holidays and weekends for vacation etc calculations.


document management in hr software in dubai uae



EasyHR Introduction

A simple HR and Payroll Software in UAE to manage employee records, get document expiry reminders, employee document management, calculate payroll, email payslips, calculate gratuity and final settlement. Flexible HR Software to change gratuity, overtime and vacation formulas...

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