Employee Self Service

Features of Employee Self Service in this Cloud HR System

Listening to employee's request and attending their phone call when you are busy with other important tasks, might be irritating. Imagine the situation where you have employees wants to see you for their requests, waiting outside of your office. This is not only causing crowd out of your office but they employees are wasting their precious time which they supposed to utilize on their assigned work.
This Cloud HR System offers Employee Self Service Module where employees are assigned a user id and password. Employee can login with their credentials to this online application and perform all that tasks which they have been going to HR Manager and requesting for certain tasks.

Employee Basic Details

Employees can login to employee self service portal and can see their own details. Employees can review their details on your company's records.


employee self service in hr software for uae

Employee Leave Requests

Employees can apply for leave. The leave request goes to respective employee's portal as well as an email reminder regading the leave request. The manager can approve or reject the leave request. Employee's can check for their leave status.

employee leave management

Employee Loan Requests

This HR System's employee self-service modules allows their employees to request cash advance online. Employee can ask the loan amount, installment amount and loan installment start date with remarks. The request appears to employee's respective manager's dashboard. The manager can approve or reject the request. The self-service module sends an email as well to the manager as reminder for the manager to login to thr HR Portal. Once the Loan request is approved, the employee can see the status of the request.
Upon cash advance approval by the manager, an entry goes to

hr system with employee self service

Expense Claim Requests

Employee's who may be spending from their pocket on behalf of company. They can apply for expense reimbursement. Employee can raise request, date, enter amount, write description and optionally attach any scanned document of bill. The assigned Manager of the employee gets expense requst for approval on his dashboard and the ESS module of this HR Software sends request reminder by email as well. Once the concerned manager approves, it updates the status of request in employee's portal and adds the requested amount in payroll of the employee.

expense claim management in hr software in dubai

Employee Salary Details

Employees have access to view their salary structure in HR Management System. Instead of rushing to HR manager, employees can review thrie salary details by themself. It saves time of hr team as well.

employee self service salary details in web hr system

Employee Pay Slips

This HR System's employee self-service module lets employees to view and print their own pay slips. Once payroll is processed and released by HR and Payroll department, pay slips are available in employee's self service portal. All historical pay slips are available in the hr system. It saves time of accounts department and employee's when employee's need their pay slip copy for current or past pay slip.

paty slips in ESS of HR system

Company Public Documents

HR Manager can upload public documents in this HR Application which are common for all employees. All employees can login and view or download those shared documents which your company wants to handover to employees like any guidelines etc.

document sharing in hr system

EasyHR Introduction

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