End of Service Calculation

Best way to calculate Final Settlement of your employees.

What is End of Service Calculation? End of Service Gratuity is a benefit payment for employees when they resign from their work or when their job contract ends or they are terminated. There are two types of Contracts: Limited and Unlimited Contract. The employee receives an end of service payment based on the limited or unlimited contract, resign or termination, latest basic salary and service period.

This HR System calculates End of Service Gratuity for your employees in one click. Simply select the last work date, mark if employee is terminated or resigned and this HR Software calculates all aspects of gratuity and end of service payment.

end of service calculation in uae



Output calculations of End-of-Service:

  • ⦿ Gratuity Amount (Below 5 Years and Above 5 Years).
  • ⦿ Balance Leave Amount.
  • ⦿ Salary amount for current month (if balance).
  • ⦿ Cash advance deduction (if any).
  • ⦿ Any other deductable amount.
  • ⦿ Any other payable amount.
  • ⦿ Option to pay different amount than calculated.
  • ⦿ Printable Final Settlement Document with your logo.


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