HR Documents & Letters

Easily prepare documemnts and letters for your employees.

Importance of HR Letters and Documents! Employee's documents preparation is not only important but a task of serious importance. Every other day, HR Manager has to prepare one or another document for their employees. There are variety of documents which a company management or HR Manager issue to employees or employees request those documents from management. Such documents need to be well formatted and accuratly written.

This HR Management System have most common HR related documents which are template driven. You can customize those documents and changes its text, header and footer with your logo etc. This HR application fills details of employee's in those documents as required. You can simply select the employee name and choose the document and system prepares the document, which you can print or save in pdf file.

hr management letters



Most Common HR Documents and Letters:

  • ⦿ Appointment Letter.
  • ⦿ Employee Experience Certificate.
  • ⦿ Employee Salary Certificate.
  • ⦿ Employee Salary Certificate for Bank.
  • ⦿ Performance Recognition Letter.
  • ⦿ Employee Profile.
  • ⦿ Employee Salary Statement.
  • ⦿ Termination Letter.


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