Main Modules of HR Software

HR Management

Employee Basic Details

Under Employee record management, you can have employee's basic details like: Name, hire date, contract type, department, designation, work site, Emirates ID details, Personal information and insurance details etc. You can put employee's picture to display on his profile.

Contact Details Salary Information Passport and Visa Details Qualification & Experience History Salary Increment and Vacation Issued Assets and Other Records Expense and Complaints Attach Documents Evaluation Records Notes and Communication Read More Details
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Payroll Management

One Click Payroll Process

This payroll software calculates monthly salary in one click, for all employees based on defined Basic Salary + Fixed Allowances - Fixed Deductions. You can enter overtime hours for OT pay calculation and number of absents to deduct salary. Payroll module deducts cash advance automatically as defined in loan management. Software Categorizes calculated salaries in folders of Years and Months.

Variable Allowances Salary Statement & Pay Slips Creates WPS Sif File Email Pay Slips Calculate Overtime & Absents Project Costing of Salary Attendance Module * Read More Details
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Company Module

company basic details

EasyHR allows you to create multiple companies and unlimited companies. Under Basic details, you can record of company name, contact details, trade license details etc. You can set company's logo as well here.

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company tenancy contracts

In this HR Software, Under Tenancy contracts & Insurances, you can list unlimited tenancy contract and company insurances as well. EasyHR reminders you before any tenancy contract is going to expire or any insurance expiry date is reaching near expiry date.

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company misc documents

EasyHR offers you to enter unlimited Miscellaneous documents like immigration card etc or other company contracts. EasyHR shows reminder to renew these documents as well before expiry date.

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company document attachments

Under this Company Documents module, you can attach unlimited documents belong to company. EasyHR accepts all common document types to attach. You can print or email these documents from software directly.

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hr software settings

Here you can define your company's working days, enter public holidays. Software allows to choose options to calculate gratuity, vacations etc in contest with working days and public holidays etc.

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Vehicle Module

Vehicle Basic Details

This HR software offers a Vehicle Management Module. You can list down all vehicles belongs to your company. Maintain basic details of all your Vehicles. Based on entered details, EasyHR reminds about vehicle registration and insurance expiry.

Vehicle Usage History Vehicle Repair Expenses Vehicle Petrol Records Vehicle Documents Read More Details
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Reports and Access Control

HR and Payroll Reports

This HR Software have various reports required by HR Staff and Management of your company. All common human resource management reports are available from different aspects. Get Employee profile with all details entered for each employee. Employee general record listing, employee salary profile records, employee reports by department, designations, work site, vacation reports, expense reports of employees etc. Various reports of entered employee details from different angles.

All reports are re-designable by user. You can put your company logo, choose columns to display as per your requirements. All reports are printable or you may export the reports to excel, pdf document or html file.

User Access Control Other Settings Read More Details
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