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The best HR software is determined by your company’s unique needs, we have a software solution for each of them.

HR Software that works for you! Instead of you work for HR Management and Work Force!

HR Software Features

Here's a list of EasyHR's features that will help you streamline your HR functions.

Dashboard for HR Manager

This HR System welcomes to HR Manager with a decent Dashboard. This HR Dashboard displays employee's statistics and various graphs which helps you to get quick overview of your employees. HR Manager gets reminders of employee documents expiry to renew.

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Employee Records Management

HR Software manages your employee's basic details, contact details, employee salary details, passport and visa details, employee's work experience, employee salary appraisal & annual vacation records, employee expenses and complaints etc.

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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Our HR Software app offers an Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution giving your entire workforce immediate access to handle HR-related tasks and requests that your employees need for accurate and efficient operations. Employees can login with their credentials to the online HR application and perform all that tasks which they have been going to HR Manager and requesting for certain tasks.

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Payroll Management - Salary Calculations

This HR Software not only takes care of hr operations but offers payroll calculation functionality as well. Just one click, this HR Software calculates salaries of your all work force. Prepares salary reports and creates WPS Sif file to transfer salaries. This hr software can email pay slips to all employees and keeps record.

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Annual Leave Management

The employee leave management module in HR Software is another salient feature of this HR system. The HR software keeps record of all leaves taken by each employee. Leave management computes eligible leave days, consumed and balance leave days for each employee. HR manager can define leave calculation rules etc.

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End of Service Calculation (EoS)

End of service calculation is a time consuming task. On other side, wrong EoS calculation may put company or employee in loss of payment. This HR software does End of Service calculations perfectly. It saves valuable time of HR Manager and produces accurate EoS report.

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HR Letters

HR letters feature allows you to create HR-related templates to use for the effective and paperless operations of your human resources department. The HR software can generate employee letters like salary certificate, experience certificate, offer letter etc.

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Document Management

In this HR Software's Document Management Module, you can attach unlimited documents for each employee. You can open the documents, take print out, edit or Email directly from the HR software to whoever you want.

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Attendance Machines Integration

This HR Software have option to integrate with Bio Matrix Machines. The HR System can pull data from database of attendance machines and update HR system to calculate payroll accordingly.

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Vehicle Management Module

The HR system offers a Vehicle Master with all details of your company vehicles to be fed into the system. You can keep records of maintenance carried out on each vehicle, fuel expense details and organize all documents of your vehicles.

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HR and Payroll Reports

This HR Software have various reports required by HR Staff and Management of your company. All common human resource management reports are available from different aspects. All reports are re-designable by user. You can put your company logo, choose columns to display as per your requirements.

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Security and User Access

EasyHR is a multi-user HR Software. You can create as many users as you like. Under the User Management, assign permissions to each user. User will get access to HR Payroll Software modules as per given permission by the admin.

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What Are the Benefits of HR Software?

While there are many benefits of using HR software, one of the biggest is its ability to reduce the time spent on repetitive, low-impact administrative tasks, which allows HR professionals to focus on more productive responsibilities and longer-term strategic outcomes.


Beyond this, other major benefits for management include:

  • ⦿ Reduced errors, save time.
  • ⦿ Improved organization of documents and employee data.
  • ⦿ Streamlined processes.
  • ⦿ More accurate analytics.
  • ⦿ Improvements in succession planning.
  • ⦿ Keeping organizations compliant with regulations.
  • ⦿ Informative and decision taking reports.
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